13 Temmuz 2008 Pazar


I was borned in 1968. I live and work in Istanbul.I have graduated of Fine Art Faculty, University of Marmara. My works across different disciplines such as installation, painting, video art, mail art, street art, sculpture, photography and conceptual art. Actively I am exhibiting my works in international, national, and regional museums and galleries, I also curated audio-video art festival "Obsession" in 2005.

I started to film in 1999. At the beginning, I was interested in 8 mm films, cameras and projectors. While I was assembling the 8 mm films, I began to produce video films.

The topics are more variable. From time to time, my films sometimes are related to individual topics and are sometimes sociological, political subjects.

My films generally have short duration time and I especially take care for the films have 3-4 minute duration time. I prefer shooting my films spontaneously. Shooting a film one istance is more excited to me. But, rarely I shoot and study some films more than one time .

Enhancing the view style production in the news media decenteralizes the artist. Apart from that, the dialog between the technology and the artist, the audience also gives a lot of support. The increase in the interaction of the audience will increase the art circulation as well.

I work individially as a video artist.

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